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  • Leg_Bushwhack_Edit

    Now in Australia: Legendary Bushwhack

    Love Potion Pop Fizz recently made it to the land down under, but he isn’t all we get this week. Portal Master Graeme from WA now owns Legendary Bushwhack, found in a Big W at Warnbro. I asked my Big W about him and they said he was on order, so it shouldn’t be long before stores accross the country have him. I won’t buy one, though, as I greatly prefer standard Bushwhack and don’t like him enough to double-dip. How about you?
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  • Love-Potion-Pop-Fizz-Found-At-Big-W

    Love Potion Pop Fizz Apparates Into..

    Earlier this month, rumours spread about Love Potion Pop Fizz in the US. He didn’t appear on the 15th, as was widely believed, but some people have been lucky enough to get him from Big W in Australia and Best Buy and Target in America. I called a Big W nearby and put him on hold, so I’ll get him later today. His DCPI in Target America is 207-00-3013. American Portal Masters, you can ask your Target to see wether they have any in stock or check yourself on BrickSeek with the DCPI. (Thanks, Skylanders Inquirer!) Details for his release in other countries, like the UK and Canada, are unknown. It’s also a mystery whether he’ll be a Big W exclusive in Australia, or make his way to other stores- I called and asked my local EB Games, but they
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  • w4_title

    Wave 4 + Easter-themed packaging rumors

    Time for some news about Wave 4 of Skylanders Trap Team, which should arrive during March! Most of the following info comes from reputable German website Wave 4 will include the following new characters and Traps: Trap Masters Short Cut Thunderbolt Knight Mare (single pack) Knight Light (single pack) Cores Echo Rocky Roll Blackout Spotlight Minis Whisper Elf + Barkley Breeze + Pet Vac Traps Fire Spear (Spark Spear) Undead Spear (Dream Piercer) Earth Upsidedown (Rubble Trouble) Tech Upsidedown (Topsy Techy) Dark Upsidedown (Ghastly Grimace) Magic Rocket (Rune Rocket) Life Sword (Jade Blade) Air Sword (Cyclone Saber) Dark Sword (Dark Dagger) Easter-themed packaging? Remember the Easter-themed packaging we got for Fryno, Punk Shock and Springtime Trigger Happy last year? There are rumors that Eggscellent Weeruptor, Power Punch Pet Vac and Red Hot Tussle Sprout will get the same treatment
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  • image

    Rebel Lob Goblin Dawns in Australia

    Today the Expansion Packs launch in Australia. However, those aren’t all we’re getting from the new Light and Dark Elements. The Light villain variant, Rebel Lob Goblin, will be available today at EB Games. He comes preloaded in the Light Rocket (A.K.A. Shining Ship), which arrives in a single pack. While some have managed to buy this early (including myself), today is the official launch date. Currently, Rebel Lob Goblin’s Shining Ship has only been spotted at EB Games. It’s unknown when this will make its way to other countries, or if it’ll come out at other stores in Australia, but the latter seems unlikely. Like the other variant villains, he looks virtually the same after his Quest is complete. Honestly, I can’t tell much of a difference in appearance from standard Lob Goblin, sans his vest being blue rather
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