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  • Skylanders-SWAP-Force-Scratch-Review

    Scratch Review

    GENERAL Down both paths, a standard scratch attack does 25 damage, and the last hit in an A, A, A combo deals 50 damage. Scratch’s standard attack is simply decent enough. These swipes can be useful if you just want to get in a couple of hits while running away, although if you use Scratch’s stronger moves like the Whirlwing effectively, you shouldn’t use her standard attack often. Scratch has a controllable laser, which can be aimed by holding down the secondary attack button. The laser deals damage to enemies when aimed at them. When you release the button, Scratch does a Playful Pounce. Playful Pounce can jump over at least a few enemy attacks. I know it can jump over Greeble Blunderbuss’ shots. It can also jump over Earth Geargolems’ shockwaves. I’ve used it to jump over the blasts of Arkeyan
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  • Gear Shift Screenshot

    Two Trap Master Skylanders Announced

    SkylandersGame recently teased the announcement of a new Trap Master in a Twitter post. Earlier today, this new Trap Master- Gear Shift- was placed up for pre-order on Amazon. Gameinformer says Gear Shift isn’t getting a wide release until 2015- if you’re interested in her, it may be a good idea to pre-order one! I’ve pre-ordered mine and live in Australia, so you can get her early from Amazon even if you live outside of the US. Gear Shift’s Amazon listing includes a picture of her in-game and in toy form, as well as her backstory: Gearshift was created on the Tech island of Metallana by King Mercurus, who considered the young robot to be his own daughter. But rather than performing royal duties, Gearshift preferred to spend her time in the oily depths of the kingdom among its workers,
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  • Jade-Fire-Kraken-eBay-Germany

    Jade Fire Kraken Spotted on eBay..

    Jade Fire Kraken has surfaced on eBay Germany today, the first time we’ve seen the figure for the elusive colour variant.
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  • Story-Analysis-Kaos-and-his-Mom

    SWAP Force Story Analysis: Kaos &..

    I’ve heard people say before that, basically, SWAP Force‘s story was too silly for them to enjoy much. I also personally agree with that, so I’m sorry if this article comes across as a bit too biased. It’s my first article here, too. I wanted to write about and detail SWAP Force‘s story overall, although I ended up focusing a lot on Kaos instead, and I don’t want the article to drag on for painfully long so I decided to make this focus on Kaos and his Mom in SWAP Force. [WARNING]: STORY SPOILERS AHEAD!
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