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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Dark Ninja Stealth Elf Outed By K-Zone
Monday, 01 Jul 2013

Dark Ninja Stealth Elf Outed By K-Zone

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[UPDATED!] Aussie kid’s magazine K-Zone has outed the black variant Dark Ninja Stealth Elf, a new variant Skylander for Skylanders: Swap Force.

[UPDATE]: I went to pick up a copy of K-Zone and have scanned and uploaded a full-size image of the Dark Ninja Stealth Elf reveal. The feature states that the character reveal is part of the Starter Pack line-up, so it’s safe to assume that Dark Ninja Stealth Elf will be a variant exclusive to an unspecified starter pack.

Skylanders Swap Force K-Zone Dark Ninja Stealth Elf

Revealed in the magazine and spotted by Blackrhinoranger (aka. youtuber BRRGames), Dark Ninja Stealth Elf is described as having a “slick new Dark Ninja costume, re-worked blades and a new move-set too!” The most notable difference compared with Ninja Stealth Elf is the greyed-out skin colour, deep purple hair colour and silver blades.

Dark Ninja Stealth Elf

Interesting to note is unlike the re-coloured variants in Skylanders: Giants which carry the same move set as their original coloured counterparts, Dark Ninja Stealth Elf could be more in line with Dark Spyro if the details on her turns out to be true.

Details on how to obtain her is unclear, but early rumours suggest she could be a console specific inclusion to a Starter Pack for one of the next generation consoles.

We’ll update more info as it becomes available.

Thanks, Darkspyro!

  • James

    I’m really looking forward to Dark Ninja Stealth Elf. I hope that her move set is totally different from the normal version.

    She’s one of my fav characters from the first series :)