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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Dark Wash Buckler Reveal Coming August 12th?
Sunday, 11 Aug 2013

Dark Wash Buckler Reveal Coming August 12th?

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Could Dark Wash Buckler be revealed this coming Monday August 12th? Skylanders official Facebook page uploaded a blurred out image of what appears to be Wash Buckler, with a darker tone to him.

Dark Wash Buckler

The image is captioned, “Can you guess who anchors our secret new group of Skylanders? Find out if you’re right on Monday…”.

Given all we’ve seen so far with references to a “dark secret” being revealed, this latest image would seemingly cement a band of dark variants being announced.

Spyro, Blast Zone, Slobber Tooth and Ninja Stealth Elf should be the other dark variants. Find out this coming Monday whether I’m right or wrong. 😀