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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Enchanted Hoot Loop Spotted on GameStop Norway
Sunday, 22 Sep 2013

Enchanted Hoot Loop Spotted on GameStop Norway

Post by on Skylanders: Swap Force 2531 2

Enchanted Hoot Loop, a new Skylanders: Swap Force variant has been spotted on GameStop Norway.

An exclusive to the retail giant, Enchanted Hoot Loop features a black and white outfit, compared with normal Hoot Loop who has a purple and yellow costume.

Enchanted Hoot Loop

It’s worth noting that the package art features the same colour variant outfit which suggest Enchanted Hoot Loop will be different colour in-game, similar to variants like Molten Hot Dog and Jade Flashwing.

Customers who purchase Swap Force will also receive an exclusive unlock card, similar to the Target unlock card in North America which reportedly unlocks a UFO in-game hat.

Details on Enchanted Hoot Loop availability outside of Norway is uncertain at this stage.

With Jolly Bumble Blast also revealed this week, could there be more variants to be announced before Swap Force lands? Be sure to check back regularly for more updates.

  • Portal___Master

    Enchanted Hoot Loop available for pre-order on Wal-Mart.com, thus saith the Portal___Master from DarkSpyro DOT com!!!

    • Thank you Portal___Master for the details.

      If you have the time, please check out our forum as well. 😉