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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Free Exclusive Skylanders Toy Giveaway at EB Expo 2013
Friday, 13 Sep 2013

Free Exclusive Skylanders Toy Giveaway at EB Expo 2013

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Activision are giving away an exclusive Skylanders toy for free to attendees at EB Expo 2013.

A “super special show” presented on Sunday October 6th 10am will see your favourite characters from Skylanders: Swap Force come to life on stage for the first time in Australia. Spyro, everyone’s favourite purple dragon with attitude will be there, as will Kaos, most likely up to his no good ways.

Skylanders Swap Force Photo

I’ve been told that those who attend the event will be given a special edition toy, and this will be the only way you can get one in Australia. Not entirely sure what the ‘toy’ is, but its apparently a ‘rare’ one. :)

I’ve reached out to Activision for more information and will update should I learn anything new .

On top of the giveaway, kids attending the event will also have a chance to take part in a special ‘Voice of Kaos’ competition. Make sure you bring your best evil accent with you to win some prizes for the best villain impersonations.

With seat numbers being limited, it’s advised that those interested in attending the presentation arrive at the door by 9:40am to ensure they don’t miss out on.

[UPDATE]: The arena has a capacity to fit 2,400 attendees, so the giveaway should be limited to this amount.


Don’t forget to also check out the Skylanders: Swap Force booth throughout EB Expo 2013 for exclusive hands on time with the game. Posters and various other merchandise will also be given out throughout the event.



  • Jast Bish

    I Hope For A Metallic Red Stealth Elf