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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Nitro Magna Charge Early Reveal
Saturday, 14 Sep 2013

Nitro Magna Charge Early Reveal

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Nitro Magna Charge gets an early reveal, as the rumoured figured gets snapped up by keen eyes of Skylanders fans.

Although no official image of Nitro Magna Charge has been available since now, it’s been a heavy rumour that a yellow-ish variant of Magna Charge would be coming in a special double ‘swapper’ pack.

The image below was snapped up from a GAME UK advertisement featuring Nitro Magna Charge bundled together with Rattle Shake:

Nitro Magna Charge

You’ll also be able to pick up Nitro Magna Charge bundled with Free Ranger, so the decision is up to you with dual pack swappable Skylanders you prefer.

In the UK, early signs point to Nitro Magna Charge being exclusive to GAME, while in the United States it looks to be exclusive to Target. No details on which Australian outlet will be stocking Nitro Magna Charge at this stage.

What do you think of Nitro Magna Charge? Is the yellow paint job as you expected it to look?

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