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Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013

Skylanders Topps Collector Cards Reveals More Swap Force Character Art

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New Skylanders: Swap Force character art has been revealed, thanks to new Topps collector card images appearing on eBay.

[UPDATE]: Swappable Swap Force Skylanders Topps card images added to the gallery. Interesting notes include better images of Trap Shadow, Rubble Rouser and Doom Stone.

Foil Card Skylanders Trap ShadowFoil Card Skylanders Doom Stone

eBay user silverbacksmonkeyhouse has listed a series of foil cards, featuring some Swap Force key art images we’ve yet to see.

Characters such as Lightcore Wham-Shell, Lightcore Bumble Blast, Lightcore Countdown are shown, as are indications of where their Lightcore effects will be stemming from.

Foil Card Skylanders Lightcore Bumble BlastFoil Card Skylanders Lightcore Countdown

As predicted, Bumble Blast will have a light-up weapon, as will Lightcore Wham-Shell, while Lightcore Countdown appears to glow from the inside of his head. Well, he is the BOMB! after all.

We also get to see some better quality images of Lightcore Warnado, Lightcore Bumble Blast, Smolderdash, Wind-Up, Punk Shock, Dune Bug and more, along with some new quotes.

Check out the gallery below. Enjoy!

For a full list of Swap Force character, check out our detailed figure list.