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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Quickdraw Rattle Shake Glow-in-the-Dark Promo Variant
Monday, 14 Oct 2013

Quickdraw Rattle Shake Glow-in-the-Dark Promo Variant

Post by on Skylanders: Swap Force 7465 10

Quickdraw Rattle Shake Glow-in-the-Dark variant will be available via redemption later this year.


Quickdraw Rattle Shake will be available via a promotion similar to Halloween Fright Rider through Frito-Lay in the United States.

Asides from the packaging image to emerge (below), Quickdraw Rattle Shake can also be seen on the official Skylanders website thanks to a few careful changes to the url.

Undead Quickdraw Rattle Shake Promo

Featuring a forest green colour scheme, Quickdraw Rattle Shake hurls blue-coloured snakes and will also glow-in-the-dark!

Details on when the promotion begins is unclear, but should be launching around the end of this year if history is anything to go by. Unfortunately this will once again be via a sweepstakes style competition format so there’s no guarantee you’ll win one simply because you purchased the specially marked packs.

Let us know if you spot the package out in the wild, or better yet you manage to win one! Good Luck! :)

  • torchie4269

    Aw man, I was really hoping this was going to be one available in stores. The limited giveaways are a bummer to me.

    • Yeah it is a shame that is it s promo only release. Hopefully it’ll be available in Australia via a different means. We don’t usually get these kind of chip packet redemptions for some reason.

      Most likely it’ll be a bonus with purchase in my area. :)

      • Czar mania

        QuickDraw rattlesnake seen a store release summer of 2014, found 2 at GameStop and 2 at toys r us, I can find rows Of metallic green shroom boom at my local toys r us and sometimes find the metallic green gill grunt.

  • Monosocratic

    Oh dear god! No! More! Mini! Chips!

  • Toasts Ghosts

    found a bag but couldn’t get the website to work

  • Darthkitten

    Where are u finding the bags?? My Frito vendor refuses to give them to me!

  • Darthkitten

    Found some! Shaws and Target, both Boston MA

  • Mecca3418

    I thought I would share this tid-bit about this new Frito-Lay Promo. My wife and I have been searching for these bags everytime we happen to need some groceries or stop in Target, K-Mart, ect. I finally found them last night in a Price-Rite grocery store here in Syracuse, NY. I was elated, and quickly purchased (5) bags. I went home,….ripped one open with my boys,…and to my surprise, no code! My wife read the details on the back of the package, that the codes are on the front? I proceeded to look on the front, and nothing!
    Disappointed, I than went back to the store with the rest of the bags I purchased, and explained the situation to the manager. They had no problems with me exchanging / returning them. I went back to the display, and searched approx. 25 more bags looking for the codes in the top left hand corner, and nothing! Someone went through and pulled every single code off the bags! With the popularity of Skylanders, why would Frito-Lay gets so absent minded on an exclusive promo? Not only does it hurt their sales,…but it is an epic fail! Interestingly, I was wondering how the heck did these sellers on ebay have multiple codes to sale on a promo that barely came out? I guess I found my answer,…buyer beware!

    • Lord Dirt

      The code is on the outside of the bag. You can use the same code everyday over and over again.

  • Shinyuu

    MY GOD I ACTUALLY WON THIS! He will go to a good home I promise! He isnt just going to be auction fodder like some figures.