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Wednesday, 09 Oct 2013

Skylanders: SWAP Force EB Expo 2013 Photos

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EB Expo 2013 took place over the weekend and Skylanders: SWAP Force took center stage as one of the main attractions.

Activision dominated a large section of the arena floor with Skylanders: SWAP Force play booths sprawled out for eager fans to get some hands-on time with the game. Asides from the obvious gameplay area, the booth also featured a life-size Wash Buckler for fans to take photos with, as well as a full-size Portal of Power where Spyro would stand on for visitors to take photos.




A large airship occupied one corner with trailers of the developers from Vicarious Visions talking about the new features in Skylanders: SWAP Force. It was a little hard to hear what they were saying with all the noise from all the other booths, but it all just added to the atmosphere.



As seen at E3 2013, there was also a large spinning wheel where you could spin to match the top and bottom half of Wash Buckler. If successful, you were given a choice of a SWAP Force wristwatch or a themed cap. If you missed the mark, you still received a Skylanders: SWAP Force poster as a consolation prize. It wasn’t quite the giveaway as the colour-shifting Hot Dog but at least added a bit of fun on the side when taking a break from all the expo mayhem.


Each gameplay booth featured the Nintendo Wii version of the game with two Wii-Remote controllers, as well as Nintendo Wii U stations with a Wii-Remote and a Wii U Gamepad. It felt a bit odd that neither the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version was available to play.

Each booth had a Portal of Power and three random Swap Force characters to play the game with. Characters ranged from Swappables such as Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Magna Charge and Hoot Loop, as well as some core characters like Ninja Stealth Elf and Zoo Lou.


This was the first time I got to get hands-on with the figures and I must say the quality is going to impress. The Swappers are held together with two powerful magnets that essentially lock the two pieces together. It takes a bit of force to separate them so those concerned about losing pieces need not worry if you store them with their bottom and top halves attached.



I won’t go into anything specific gameplay-wise so I don’t spoil anything for anyone, but the game feels and plays just like the previous Skylanders game. You will probably take a little time to adjust to the new mechanics, as well as remembering that jump is available to all the Skylanders characters. Some boss encounters will require you to do some timed jumps to survive, so you can’t exactly avoid the new feature if you want to get further into the game.


Before I departed the booth, I took a snap of the Dark Edition which I posted up earlier this week. Apologies for the glare hiding Dark Ninja Stealth Elf on the right side. The pack looks quite nice so go easy when you pick up your Dark Edition if you want to preserve your box. :)


Stay tuned tomorrow for some more photos from the Skylanders: SWAP Force presentation held last Sunday. 😀

Skylanders: Swap Force is out on October 13th in North America, with Australia to follow on October 16th, 2013. You can pre-order the game at all good video game retailers across the globe.