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Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013

Skylanders: Swap Force Wave 2 Releases & Triple Packs

Post by on Skylanders: Swap Force 6034 9

Skylanders: Swap Force Wave 2 is expected to be in-store shortly. Here’s a list of what will be available when the second wave hits.

Some Portal Masters in the United States have received an email (below) from Toys ‘R Us indicating Wave 2 will be out early on October 16th with Fire Kraken, Grilla Drilla, Boom Jet and 9 other figures being available.

I just got this in my e-mail (Wave 2 Skylanders at Toys 'R Us 1016!) - Imgur

Toys ‘R Us will have exclusive rights to sell them new figures before other retailers get them in-stock. If you simply must have them ASAP, be sure to head to Toys ‘R Us bright and early as the promotional does state that quantities will be limited.

MegaDozer has shared a photo of new Wave 2 figures he managed to grab early from Sam’s Club in the U.S. today. It might be worth checking them out as well if you have a store nearby.


With respect to what figures make up Wave 2, Torchiest from the Ghostroaster Forum has put together a detailed list of what should be available. Keep in mind this is just speculation at this stage, but a strong possibility.

[UPDATE]: This list looks to be spot on as an image has been posted on the Official Skylanders Facebook page of a Wave 2 purchase.



  • Boom Jet
  • Fire Kraken
  • Grilla Drilla
  • Night Shift (possibly Legendary Night Shift at the same time)

Double Packs

  • Fire Kraken/Grilla Drilla
  • Night Shift/Boom Jet

Core Skylanders

  • Rip Tide
  • Scorp
  • Star Strike

Series 2

  • Heavy Duty Sprocket

Series 3

  • Anchors Away Gill Grunt
  • Bang Bang Trigger Happy
  • Knockout Terrafin
  • Twin Blade Chop Chop

Triple Packs

  • Bang Bang Trigger Happy/Star Strike/Anchors Away Gill Grunt
  • Heavy Duty Sprocket/Scorp/Twin Blade Chop Chop

Which of the new Skylanders from SWAP Force do you want the most? Share your thoughts and comments below!

  • torchie4269

    Star Strike woo!

    • 0Bash0

      Isn’t it better to get the LightCore version from Wave 1 though? Her flashing eyes are pretty neat! :)

      • torchie4269

        my plan is to get enchanted lightcore star strike whenever that comes out instead.

  • James Aseltine

    Anxiously awaiting Fire Kraken but I may wait and get my hands on a Jade Fire Kraken when they come out! However if I can get a good price on the two packs I might not wait. And then I will definetly pick up Scorp and Rip Tide

    • 0Bash0

      I’ve got the same dilemma… Should I wait for Jade Fire Kraken? There hasn’t been any official annoucement yet – we still don’t know when and where we’ll be able to find him!

      • torchie4269

        im also planning on getting jade fire kraken if possble. i can wait. really i want to get as many variants as possible.

        • James Aseltine

          If it is anything like Jade Flashwing we should see him March of 2014 at Target only.

    • Kevin

      Have you seen two packs any where or are they going to be released when target gets wave 2?

  • Logan Smith

    Found Wave 2 Figures in Canada today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9kTyb7WmVw