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Home » Skylanders Spyro's Adventure » Clear Crystal Whirlwind Chase Variant Turns Up on eBay
Friday, 08 Nov 2013

Clear Crystal Whirlwind Chase Variant Turns Up on eBay

Post by on Skylanders Spyro's Adventure 4521 9

A clear crystal Whirlwind chase variant has found itself on eBay, but what makes this an odd surprise is the limited Whirlwind is from the first series, Spyro’s Adventure!

Crystal Clear Whirlwind 01

A few of these have appeared for sale in the past but were generally assumed to be custom figures. It isn’t known whether or not the clear crystal Whirlwind was created back in Spyro’s Adventure or just recently, but it has been confirmed by a Toys For Bob employee that the figure is very much genuine and a proper chase variant to add to the list.

Crystal Clear Whirlwind 02

Crystal clear variants were made for Spyro’s Adventure back in 2011 with Stealth Elf, Wham-Shell and Cynder each getting a transparent new look. At the time these chase variants commanded a rather high selling price and was Activision’s first major effort to combat fraudulent custom variants on the marketplace. Even two years on, they are still some of the most popular chase variants for collectors and seeing a fourth character added is going to please plenty of people.

A couple of these figures have been originating from Los Angeles where Activisions HQ is based, leading to speculation that the figure may be an employee exclusive. Without actually knowing just how limited these figures are, or how they were obtained throws the question of value up in the air, however the latest auction to end on eBay did attract a sale price of US$220.

Crystal Clear Whirlwind 03

There isn’t any active auctions for the clear Whirlwind on eBay at the moment, but you might want to check regularly as they are bound to sprout up from time to time, particularly when those who own one can offload them to a Skylanders collector for an easy $200+.

Crystal Clear Whirlwind 04

Will you be chasing after the new Clear Whirlwind, or will you wait to learn more before deciding to buy? Let us know in the comments below or via the forum.

Thanks, Portalflip!

  • ir1baddog

    And just when I thought I had them all. I will be watching and trying to purchase.

  • Nibelilt

    Got some of these Ice variants. These variants look best- they should have made more!

    • web_store_email

      Do you have the Clear / Ice Whirlwind?

      • Nibelilt

        No, I have the other three.

        • web_store_email

          ahh yes same here, im eagerly awaiting an opportunity to buy a Clear Whirlwind.

  • web_store_email

    i believe this to be fake OR a prototype regardless of who said what…here are my reasons:

    1. all other variants are in groups of 3 or less, no more, examples,
    SSA gold, SSA silver, SSA glow in the dark, SG glitter, SG metallic
    purple, SF crystal green, etc.

    2. only 1 has been seen on eBay and waaaay after SSA released; it
    seems implausible that a variant could have stayed hidden this long and
    that only 1 person sold it on eBay.

    3. there is a clear stump smash that appears to have been a
    prototype, this could certainly be the case for the SSA crystal clear

    thoughts? and/or any more evidence for either way?

  • limealime

    Crystal Clear Whirlwind
    Alternate Names: Crystal Whirlwind, Clear Whirlwind
    Crystal Whirlwind is an odd variant. It was not released along with Spyro’s Adventure even through it is a Spyro’s Adventure figure. Crystal Whirlwind is a variant of the Series 1 Whirlwind. However, this variant was not released until two years later when SWAP Force was being released.
    There was a lot of confusion about this variant when it was first discovered because of the timing of its release, but it has since been sorted out.
    In Europe LG joined forces with Skylanders and created a special version of Skylanders Battlegrounds that only works with select LG Smart TVs. In this pack they included three completely random Spyro’s Adventure figures. For a few lucky folks, they got their hands on this new, extremely rare variant.
    To date we do not believe this figure has ever been release outside of Europe.
    – See more at: http://skylanderscharacterlist.com/how-rare-is-my-skylander-part-1/#sthash.nh6BuXuJ.dpuf

    As of yesterday I am a very very lucky girl. Crystal Clear Whirlwind is now mine.

  • Chris

    I have one!!! It was in a LG Starter Pack –> http://www.lg.com/uk/skylanders