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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Colour Shift Wash Buckler Wii U Bundle Available in Australia
Friday, 01 Nov 2013

Colour Shift Wash Buckler Wii U Bundle Available in Australia

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Nintendo Australia have confirmed the Skylanders: SWAP Force Colour Shift Wash Buckler Wii U bundle will be available in Australia this coming November.


Going on sale from November 21st, the all-in-one bundle will carry a suggested retail price of AU$349.95 and comes with the following:

  • Wii U Basic Pack
  • Nintendo Land game disc
  • Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U game disc
  • Portal of Power
  • Ninja Stealth Elf Figure
  • Blast Zone Figure
  • EXCLUSIVE Colour Shift Wash Buckler Figure
  • Collector poster, trading cards and sticker sheets

The Wii basic model is an 8GB system, however keep in mind that some of that memory will be reserved for system data once you’ve completed the install and update.

This bundle will be available through different retailers throughout Australia, but best to shop around for the best deal going on this new bundle pack. At the moment, this is the only way to get a colour shift Wash Buckler so you’ll have to ask yourself if throwing down $350AUD for a new Wii U console is within your means.

Is this bundle on your to-buy shopping list? Let us know in the comments below.