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Home » Skylanders Giants » Metallic Shroomboom Revealed on Skylanders: Boomcast
Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013

Metallic Shroomboom Revealed on Skylanders: Boomcast

Post by on Skylanders Giants, Skylanders: Swap Force 4987 2

Metallic Shroomboom is the latest chase variant to be revealed on Skylanders: Boomcast.

In the latest episode, host Zach Gordon can be seen brandishing the yet-to-be-announced Skylanders in his hand. He never makes reference to the figure but keen eyes from our forum have been able to determine it is a variant based on Shroomboom by the orange base (Skylanders: Giants) and shape of the figure. Here’s a screen snap still taken from the Boomcast episode:


The colour scheme looks very similar to the Color-Shift Wash Buckler and Metallic Green Gill Grunt. How fans can acquire this figure is still unknown at this stage, which is surprising as details on how to get your hands on a Transparent Green Rip Tide revealed last month is still not clear either.

Check out the Skylanders: Boomcast video below for a closer look.


Thanks to Ghostroaster forum member plebianprint for pointing this out!

  • SkylandersFiend7

    I have seen this on eBay does that mean its been released?

    • Hawksey

      No idea