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Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013

Skylanders: Swap Force Wave 3 Release List & Triple Pack Photos

Post by on Skylanders: Swap Force 11604 14

Skylanders: Swap Force Wave 3 list is pretty much confirmed with the release of new packaging images of what should be the Wave 3 line-up.

Last month we bought you a list of Wave 3 predictions and I’m pleased to see this list is nearly 100% correct, with the only difference being the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack.

[UPDATE]: Maybe we were right all along! Here’s a package shot of the Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack, supposedly also a part of Wave 3. You can find an image of the Adventure Pack at the very bottom. :)

Take a look below for all the new pack shots and start saving some money as this is going to be a big wave of new characters. Release date is still unconfirmed at this stage but we’ll let you know as we learn more. Enjoy! :)

Spy Rise Single PackRubble Rouser Single PackStink Bomb Single Pack

Lightcore Wham-Shell Single PackLightcore Countdown Single PackDune Bug Single Pack

Horn Blast Whirlwind Single PackPhantom Cynder Single PackHyper Beam Prism Break Single Pack

Hyper Beam Prism Break Horn Blast Whirlwind Rip Tide Triple Pack

Dune Bug Phantom Cynder Knockout Terrafin Triple Pack

Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack

  • Bisylizzie

    Camo in a Battle Pack only?

    Don’t really wanna buy other figures in my quest to get all the dragons… Still haven’t got the S2 Zap for that reason.

    Nice to see Whirlwind and Cynder, though. Cynder’s colouring does seem a bit weird.

    • At this stage it would seem to be the case. :(

      I’ve seen S2 Zap triple pack with Scorpion Striker and Hot Dog sell as low as $15 on clearance. They have all disappeared now but you might want to look around during those times when Skylanders get phased out for a new batch.

      I like Cynder’s new look. I think I’m one of the only few that does, but I do reckon it a bit of a cop out paint job since it’s mostly transparent and unpainted.

      • Bisylizzie

        Not in the UK, do the prices get that low. Scorpion Striker pack has been £25 ever since it was released, never had the price dropped.

        I think Cynder is the kind of one which looks better in person, could just be the image that makes it look odd.

        • Yeah it dipped here as they were clearing stock. They offered a buy one get one free promotion at first, but then started selling them at $14.95AUD for one week, a little before SWAP Force landed.

          I agree with you about Cynder. The photos I’ve seen haven’t been too flattering but I just like the use of transparency in figures. :)

      • torchie4269

        Way back in June, GameSpot had a promo event with the release of Polar Whirlwind, and they were selling Battle Packs for US$9.99! I got the Scorpion Catapult pack along with PW, of course.

  • torchie4269

    Hmm. I’m not TOO excited about anything in Wave 3, but my top three would be Hyper Beam Prism Break, Spy Rise, and Rubble Rouser, in that order. Rubble Rouser seems kinda bland though, like, he’s a guy made of rocks, yeah we’ve seen that before lol.

    • Seems a lot of people like Hyper Beam Prism Break. You aren’t interested in Dune Bug? I’ve heard so many people that saw Dune Bug first hand complement the design and paint so that’s a must-buy figure for me.

      It’s a shame the triple pack is bundled with Knockout Terrafin as that means a double up if you bought the Battle Pack from Wave 1. If you’d stuck another Series 3 in there instead, it would have been perfect.

      • torchie4269

        Dune Bug’s general design doesn’t do much for me, so I haven’t checked out any gameplay videos or anything. Of the new figures, I like most of the swappers, but not as many of the regular ones. On the triple packs, there has yet to be one that I really really liked all three figures in it, sadly. Funnily enough, the closest any have come yet is the Walmart magic pack, because I don’t own a Spyro figure (I know, freak out), and I only have a Punch Pop Fizz, so an S2 blue one would be nice. And of course Star Strike is the greatest character EVER, so… 😉

  • TonyThBrony

    Hey look, they changed Wind Up’s figure last minute. Like they did with lightcore Pop Fizz

  • ToyZebra

    Not much is must have for me this wave, except Sheep Wreck Island. Like everyone else, I need a Sneak Skylander, but I’d like to wait for Trap Shadow.

  • Jast Bish

    I have announced the 2 new double packs for wave 3
    E: Rubble Rouser, Spy Rise
    F: Stink Bomb, Hoot Loop

  • Eddie Jirjis

    Do you have any proof, Jast Bish.

  • Jason c

    Actually just left a TRU in Northern California and walked away with a Dune Bug and Prism. I had asked them to check the back for boxes of the new characters that were supposed to be out today…they brought some out and while I was digging through them they noticed the big orange sticker on the side that said to not out out until 12/22/13 for a corresponding promotional ad. The guys there kinda felt bad about getting my hopes up so they let me buy the two I had pulled out if the first box. So small score today…. But I’ll bet they have another huge sale next Sunday to go with the release.

  • Brisco71

    My TRU said there were no new Swappable guys in the boxes they received. Just a couple new regular characters.