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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 Global Release Update
Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013

Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 Global Release Update

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Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 releases have started to appear sporadically across the country. Here’s what we know so far about what’s available and where. Strap down your wallet as it’s going to be an expensive few weeks!

North America / Canada

TheHDRoom managed to get a hold of some Wave 3 figures earlier on in December but since then, no one else has been able to find any of the listed figures in-store.

Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 Box

Trexroarr (who happens to be a Toys ‘R Us employee) posted some box photos which points to a 22nd of December release for the Wave 3 Core Skylanders.


The photos confirm the box ratio for Wave 3 to include:

  • 3 x Dune Bug
  • 3 x Smolderdash
  • 1 x Zoo Lou
  • 1 x Countdown
  • 1 x Hyper Beam Prism Break
  • 1 x Horn Blast Whirlwind
  • 2 x Phantom Cynder

This should make things easier for those hunting for the ever-so-popular Dune Bug. Stock appears to be in-store already but currently under embargo until next week.

Target is also rumoured to have fresh stock of Wave 3 on December 29th, a few days after Christmas when the post-festive shopping kicks in. Target should have stock of the Wave 3 Swappers, including Spy Rise, Rubble Rouser and perhaps the most popular Swapper from this release, Stink Bomb.

Australia / New Zealand

With the release of Wave 2 just last week (including triple, double and single packs), it seems Australia and New Zealand were among the first to get a hold of a little Christmas surprise in the form of Sheep Wreck Island and Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Packs appearing at Big W, K-Mart, EB Games and others around the country.


They’re no other Wave 3 packs available in the country as yet, asides from the ones mentioned above. Let’s not forget Jolly Bumble Blast which also just recently came out as well. Details on when the other characters from Wave 3 will be available is still sketchy. Rumours are late December, or in to the new year.

You can try your luck at your local stores or head to EB Games online to purchase the new Wave 3 sets:

EB Games – Sheep Wrecking Island Adventure Pack

EB Games – Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack


Germany were a little more fortunate with myskylanders.de reporting Wave 3 single packs and triple packs being spotted at Saturn in Germany a little earlier than anticipated.

Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 Germany

Dune Bug, Phantom Cynder, Knockout Terrafin Triple Pack, Hyper Beam Prism Break, Horn Blase Whirlwind, Rip Tide Triple Pack, Lightcore Countdown, Lightcore Wham-Shell, Rubble Rouser, Stink Bomb and Spy Rise have all been found in-store making it the biggest available release of Wave 3 to date.

Skylanders: SWAP Force Wave 3 Germany

There’s even been reports of Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack and Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Packs available at some stores. The expected release date is supposedly the 17th of December according to GameStop Germany, although Amazon.de date for a 27th of December launch.

Amazon.de are already taking orders for Wave 3 characters so you can also head there if you want to order online today.

If you have any specific information regarding what is available in your location, be sure to share details in the comments below or via our forum and I’ll update as much as I can, when I can.