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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno & Punk Shock Spring Edition on Sale at Amazon UK
Thursday, 13 Feb 2014

Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno & Punk Shock Spring Edition on Sale at Amazon UK

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Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno & Punk Shock in their Easter-inspired Spring Edition packaging has gone on sale on Amazon in the UK.

Fryno Easter FigurePunk Shock Easter FigureSpringtime Trigger Happy Figure

Last week the Easter themed packaged skylanders were spotted on sale at U.S retailer Best Buy, selling out in a matter of hours. Best Buy has yet to restock the three new figures but Amazon UK has just listed the new figures for pre-order, so now UK and European residents will have a chance to place their order before release.

Fryno and Punk Shock are selling for £8.99, while art deco Springtime Trigger Happy is going for slightly more with a price tag of £11.99. The figures are scheduled for release on March 7th, 2014 which incidentally is a full one month ahead of the supposed release date according to Best Buy.

Orders can be placed via the link here. I say this all the time, but order early to avoid disappointment.

No word on when Australia and New Zealand will be receiving the Spring Edition figures at this stage.

  • Hawksey

    Well this is a bit of a nice surprise. I’d be glad to get it any way.

  • mrjoolius

    Won’t ship to the US :-(

    • Unfortunately Amazon UK doesn’t ship to U.S., probably because of Amazon.com. You’ll have to wait to see what other retailers stock it down the line. :(

      • Hawksey

        They have Amazon for the different countries, yea.

    • Hawksey

      I’m Aussie, I share your pain

  • Kaye

    if Australia gets it!

    • Hawksey

      We got Jolly BB. Should get it Springtime TH too.