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Home » Skylanders: Swap Force » Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock & Fryno Easter Themed Packaging at Best Buy
Thursday, 06 Feb 2014

Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock & Fryno Easter Themed Packaging at Best Buy

Post by on Skylanders: Swap Force 8425 18

Best Buy have three new Spring Edition Skylanders for pre-order, specially available for this upcoming Easter.

Fryno, Punk Shock and art deco Springtime Trigger Happy will be available in special Easter themed packaging for the holiday season. None of these characters have been released to date, so could be regarded as a semi-Wave 4 release.

The packages are marked as a ‘Spring Edition’, with Best Buy anticipating a release date of April 6th, 2014. Easter is on April 20th this year so it gives parents and collectors a nice two week window leading into the holiday season.

This is also the first time we’ve been given a look at Springtime Trigger Happy figurine design, so let us know in the comments or on the forum what you think about his new look.

Pre-orders can be placed right now via BestBuys.com if you want to get a jump on them before they hit store shelves. Each character can be ordered individually via the links below, priced at $9.99 USD each.

[UPDATE]: Best Buy have sold out of all Spring Edition Skylanders. Details on whether or not they will restock them are unavailable at this time.

Fryno Spring Edition – $9.99 USD

Fryno Easter Figure

Punk Shock Spring Edition – $9.99 USD

Punk Shock Easter Figure

Springtime Trigger Happy Spring Edition – $9.99 USD

Springtime Trigger Happy Figure

Some Portal Masters may remember the Legendary Lightcore Chill last year in it’s special Easter packaging, and it looks like Activision have taken things one step further with much fancier designs and even more characters to hunt down.

Don’t feel too let down if you miss out on Fryno or Punk Shock as they will more than likely be available in regular packaging (single and triple pack form) some time down the line.

Whether or not these three are a part of Wave 4 remains to be seen, but with a release date already pinned down and still quite a few SWAP Force characters yet to be released, I’d predict more announcements before the Easter Bunny comes to town. Happy Hunting!

  • Kaye

    any word on if we will get the springtime trigger happy in Australia?

    • Nothing as yet. I’m not 100% sure we’ll get it though as it is marketed as a “Spring Edition”, and Spring isn’t in April in Australia so I’m not sure if that would be enough reason for them not to release it here locally. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

      • Hawksey

        Spring. AKA Easter. All these are based off easter, and by the looks of things, every country should get this, like how everybody got Jolly Bumble Blast. Should be similar for Kickoff Countdown and MAYBE Jade Fire Kraken? We thought maybe Chinese New Year, but that’s been crossed off the list.

      • Nibelilt

        I have the same thoughts. I really hope we do get them but I’m kind of worried because we still have no word on the rest of wave 3 or L. Night Shift, and like the UK we’re still missing Quickdraw and Giantkicks with no word on them… I really hope they pick it up soon. I honestly feel like the releases here have been getting worse and worse here (in my area, at least) since after SA. :( Skylanders seems quite popular where I live but it seems there isn’t much stock.

      • Hawksey

        Its really more of an Easter special. I think over there they usually call it spring, where for us its always Easter.
        We should get it though :)

        • Nibelilt

          Actually, when it’s Autumn here (in Aus) it’s Spring there. 😛 That’s why it’s Springtime Trigger Happy, he’s coming out when it’s Spring there.

          • Hawksey

            I still don’t know why they didn’t follow the timezones. I mean, its Spring there, but Autumn here, and yet they still decided to call it Springtime. Really, I wish they chose a better name.

  • Max

    Why aren’t they available on Best Buy anymore?

    • Hawksey

      Sold out :(

  • Brandi

    They are already out of stock.

    • Wow they went fast! 😮 Hopefully they restock or at least other retailers will carry these Easter themed ones as well.

      • Brandi

        Yeah, the reason they sold out so fast is because people pre-ordered multiples. You can find people auctioning/selling off their pre-orders on eBay. One auction I looked at was selling them for 89.99 for all three and it said that had more than 10 sets of the three available. Guess I will be waiting outside Best Buys doors early on the morning of their release.

        • Hawksey

          Why multiples? The regular versions will probably come out quicker. Besides, are they special in-game? I wouldn’t think so.

          • Brandi

            I believe Springtime Trigger Happy is going to be an in game variant. The Fryno and Punk Shock figures are the regular figures they are just in the special Spring edition box as is the Springtime Trigger Happy. From the prices that people are selling them for on eBay I’m guessing they are hoping that a lot of people are going to think they will be hard to find in stores and just go ahead and buy them on eBay at 3x the price. They are just trying to overcharge and make a lot of money off of them.

          • Hawksey

            I see.
            I have seen Springtime Trigger Happy in-game screenshots. But I if Punk Shock and Fryno are in the special boxes, surely they are special in the game too, or otherwise its just not worth it, really.

  • xxxxhbombxxxx

    I hope they release a bunch more purely so that kids can enjoy them and the game. For those greedy jerks on ebay I hope you get stuck with them and dont make a cent.

    • Hawksey

      If they aren’t in your collection by next game, you’d have to consult to eBay

  • ToyZebra

    They are appearing in stores now. I found Springtime Trigger Happy yesterday at TRS. I later got Punk Shock at a Game Stop. Haven’t seen the Easter packaging of Fryno, but that’s no problem as Fryno has already been released.