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Sunday, 09 Mar 2014

Skylanders: SWAP Force Toys Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals

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New Skylanders toys are heading back to McDonald’s Happy Meals. This time, the toys will feature characters from SWAP Force.

The United States McDonald’s website features eight (8) brand new toys to collect, including your favourite Swappers. Characters include Hyper-Beam Prism Break, Rattle Shake, Chompy, Freeze Blade, Wash Buckler, Free Ranger, Magna Charge, and Eruptor.

Skylanders SWAP Force McDonalds Toys

From the look of the promotional image, it seems these toys will each have some sort of interactive feature just like the previous batch of McDonald’s Skylanders toys. It appears Hyper-Beam Prism Break and Eruptor will both have a light-up feature, while Rattle Shake appears to be able to launch his snake attack.

When are these toys going to be available? Well I’m not 100% sure as there is no release date given. Your best option is to head to McDonald’s frequently and ask about when the new toys will be out. Whether or not they will be available outside of the United States isn’t known at this time, but please do let us know if you happen to come across any.

Happy Hunting!

  • ToyZebra

    Not a single female figure again, unless the chompy is a girl.

  • Hawksey

    Well they aren’t sidekicks…