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Home » Skylanders: Trap Team » Element Expansion Packs Emerge
Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014

Element Expansion Packs Emerge

Post by on Skylanders: Trap Team 3303 3

Earlier this week, the distribution method of “mystery Element” figures was finally confirmed. Two new Skylanders and four new villains are part of the brand-new Light and Dark Elements.

So how can you play with these new Skylanders? While word on the core dragons of Light and Dark- Spotlight and Blackout- still remains quiet, the Trap Masters will be inside Element Expansion Packs. The packs will each have a Trap Master and trap of their element, as well as a level based on the element (Sunscraper Spire and Midnight Museum for Light and Dark, respectively).



While no pictures or videos have been posted at the time of writing, Buuzer from darkSpyro says the Packs are out in Italy. Also, the Light Expansion Pack has been sold on eBay– shipping from the US, likely thanks to a retail employee. Note that in the picture below, there appear to be stickers to add to Trap Team’s poster and Trap collection box, where Light and Dark characters are otherwise hidden by question marks.


Will you pick up an Expansion Pack? Because I know I’ll get both. I just want to get 100%… Though new characters and levels are good too! 😉 Here’s hoping Australia won’t get them too late!

  • That’s good to hear. It’s smart to package them with a level, in stead of *only* going back to the existing levels with the locked content.

  • Bondame Philip Josshua

    How much is for the Light and Dark expansion pack

    • James Saythavy

      According to EB games they are $34.95 each. I haven’t seen the prices at other stores yet.