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Home » Skylanders: Trap Team » Wave 4 + Easter-themed packaging rumors
Sunday, 25 Jan 2015

Wave 4 + Easter-themed packaging rumors

Post by on Skylanders: Trap Team 7690 19

Time for some news about Wave 4 of Skylanders Trap Team, which should arrive during March! Most of the following info comes from reputable German website myskylanders.de. Wave 4 will include the following new characters and Traps:

Trap Masters

  • Short Cut
  • Thunderbolt
  • Knight Mare (single pack)
  • Knight Light (single pack)



  • Echo
  • Rocky Roll
  • Blackout
  • Spotlight



  • Whisper Elf + Barkley
  • Breeze + Pet Vac



  • Fire Spear (Spark Spear)
  • Undead Spear (Dream Piercer)
  • Earth Upsidedown (Rubble Trouble)
  • Tech Upsidedown (Topsy Techy)
  • Dark Upsidedown (Ghastly Grimace)
  • Magic Rocket (Rune Rocket)
  • Life Sword (Jade Blade)
  • Air Sword (Cyclone Saber)
  • Dark Sword (Dark Dagger)


Easter-themed packaging?

Remember the Easter-themed packaging we got for Fryno, Punk Shock and Springtime Trigger Happy last year? There are rumors that Eggscellent Weeruptor, Power Punch Pet Vac and Red Hot Tussle Sprout will get the same treatment this year. These variants have not been announced officially yet, but their existence was discovered some time ago by browsing the Collection menu in the 3DS version of Trap Team. You can check this article to see how they look like.

What are you looking forward to the most in Wave 4? :)

  • Drawdler

    Seems like a pretty good wave. I’ve been looking forward to all these Skylanders besides Echo and Spotlight (who I don’t mind, just not very interested in) and I’m hyped for Short Cut. I’ll probably import him (perhaps with Thunderbolt) when this is out in the US.

  • Phade102

    I take it these are US wave release dates? These waves have chars i’m really eager to get, are you planning on updating this when you see them in australia?

    • Drawdler

      I didn’t write this article and I don’t know what country those dates are for (I think they’re for Germany), but as soon as there are details for the Aus release, I’ll post about it (unless Ghostroaster or Silverfire does first).
      I’m so disappointed Activision keep giving us variants and shaft us so hard with actually new characters, but at least it’s not like NZ where they’re still hoping for wave 3 stuff and a couple of our variants as well.

  • Kaye

    Would be nice if we got the cores from waves 2 & 3 first – This is just getting ridiculous.

    • Hawksey

      Wave 2 cores, please. All I want is Tread Head… PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE!
      Did you find the Wave 3 cores? Check everyone, I even found some at a Kmart which was running out of stock.

      • Kaye

        Have been checking all stores around us regularly & no signs of wave 2 or 3 cores. Our 8 yr old usually has a lot of patience with waiting for figures but even he’s finding it frustrating.

  • MadRabbi666

    Wish they would release High Five & Bat Spin in the US before worrying about the last 2 waves. I think US is the second worst country following the first place tie between Australia & New Zealand when it comes to Waves. Walmart & Target were the only ones with W3 traps (except GS w/ Rebel Lob Goblin variant), stock is extremely low w/ light/dark packs quite difficult to find and NO HIGH FIVE OR BAT SPIN IN STORES IN THE US.
    Either we have to import them , or go Amazon/EBay for them. This getting ridiculously frustrating to the point of nearly losing my confidence in them. Infinity has new stuff coming out 2/3/2015 already just after the release of Green Goblin, Yondu & Ronan. The only one worse of than Skylanders is Amiibo.

    • Hawksey

      MadRabbi, if you read the actual post, Bat Spin and High Five ARE being stocked in Wave 4, but nothing said about how early.
      US isn’t the worst too Rabbi, I think they are doing a good job evening things up. I’m pretty sure King Cobra Cadabra will be a Frito Lay variant (just a guess) which nobody will get until way after the contest, Australia not at all (however, I have got Quickdraw Rattle Shake coming from eBay, for only $30 :p)

    • Phade102

      I dont see how Australia is the first place when it comes to waves, considering australia already has High five and bat spin. We have all of wave 3 at the moment, the only ones we’re missing are a few from wave 2.

      I mean, yes the stock for all the wave 3 is pretty low (mostly only accessible from Eb games) But I got both triple packs (Jet-vac, high five and the flame horse, forgot his name and the pack with Bat spin, cobra cadabra and Fryno.)

      So yeah, Australia definitely isn’t as bad as the US.

      • Kaye

        I’ve yet to see any wave 3 triple packs & we check at least twice a week. US can buy it all online from game stop or amazon so it’s not that bad at all.

        • Phade102

          Kaye the problem you’ll be having is that for some stupid reason EB games, target and big w(IF those are the places you use) Don’t update their sites enough to show new additions. The fact is, Both of the wave 3 triple packs I have I got in eb games before they were even on their site, and they only had ONE of each. Its absolutely ridiculous to be honest since I have school and I Dont have time to go to the shops every day…I got lucky though.

          Basically Kaye, I’d strongly recommend you ring the stores every two days or so and check, its tedious but it’d be the easiest way to do it.

          • Kaye

            I’m a stay at home mum so I go into stores & check. I go into the store every few days & chevk the 3 big w, target, 2 kmarts, 2 jb & 4 eb games near me. I’m friends with one of the eb games managers & she has not had any triple packs in stock at all. Asking staff at other venues is usually a waste of time as they have no idea. So NO they have not come out in our area.

          • Phade102

            Thats really odd. Though I admit it took my eb games like a month after the release of the new element packs to actually stock them, they kept saying they didn’t have them, and then when they did they didnt have the prices to sell them yet. it was odd. I wish you luck Kaye, I’m sure you’ll get lucky soon!

          • Kaye

            Well hope so as my 7 years olds patience is wearing thin & for once I can’t blame him.

          • Phade102

            I can understand that. It seems most companies think we aren’t as enthusiastic about skylanders, this site proves otherwise and now with legendary bushwack out…

      • Strayan

        And I don’t see how the US is worse off, I think missing the Mirror of Mystery adventure pack, Tread Head and Fist Bump is worse than missing High Five and Bat Spin. not to forget High Five was accessible through a promotion, so a large amount of collectors were able to access it that way

      • Kaye

        regardless NZ is worse than both & I’m sure many other countries are too. Does it really matter who is having the worst luck when we all have it shit?

  • Jason

    I really wish they would just get all the traps and variant traps on the market. I’ve got no problem waiting for the Skylanders and Trap Masters, but I want a complete trap collection yesterday.

  • Ree

    Wave 4 traps at Target now, the Magic rocket seems to be rare.