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Home » Air » New Trap Masters and Elites For Preorder at EB Games Australia
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015

New Trap Masters and Elites For Preorder at EB Games Australia

Post by on Air, Dark, Fire, Light, Magic, Skylanders: Trap Team, Undead, Water 2207 13

Update: Talking to people who work at a local EB Games store, they told me the shipment they were supposed to recieve on the 30th- with Elite Eruptor and Gill Grunt- was late and only arrived at the warehouse shipping the toys to the store. If you’re interested in the Elite Skylanders and haven’t been able to find them, this might explain why. Also, Enigma’s release date was changed to an indefinite date in May.

Second Update: Enigma has been delayed once again, this time to an indefinite date in June. The Elite Skylanders, however, should be available at your store by now.

The last Elite Skylanders, Eruptor and Gill Grunt, are finally available for Australian Portal Masters to preorder. They’ll be released April 30th. Though unavailable online, you can also head into an EB Games store to preorder Enigma, who releases right after the Elites on May 1st. We won’t be missing out on the Thunderbolt or Short Cut, though- like Enigma, they (as well as re-releases of Knight Light and Knight Mare in Single Packs) can only be ordered instore and will be available at EB Games from April 27th.


I haven’t found them myself, but many Portal Masters report that they’ve already found Thunderbolt, Short Cut, Knight Light and Knight Mare in other stores.

I bought the Expansion Packs at launch and imported Thunderbolt and Short Cut, so I’ll just be buying Enigma and the Elites. Which Skylanders will you get?

  • Jed15

    I fount short cut and thunderbolt at Target Mt. Druitt.

  • Ree

    My local EB store got the Eon’s Elites in Today [ Newcastle ].

  • Grim Creeper

    Was lucky enough to score a clear short cut at my local eb games today. Was just sitting on the shelf.

    • Drawdler

      Awh, I’m jeaous :p Mine’s out of the regular one, and I haven’t seen a wild chase variant in several years of hunting. Well, enjoy him!

  • Ree

    EB have moved Enigma’s release date to June 1st for Australia

  • Grim Creeper

    Sadly, my EB said that the date June 1st is not official, just a placeholder date for any time in June.

    • Drawdler

      Ugh, of course we get him two months after the… Everyone else…

      Seriously, the only thing keeping me buying is Skylanders 5. I honestly don’t want to play TT any more.

      I know I’m just whining, but I’m so sick of us being left in the dust with every single release, besides the occasional variant or Trap (and sometimes we even get those late- still no Red Hot Trap, no hint of Gnarly Barkley even though the US get him at the end of the month). They improved the UK releases so much in TT. Why are they making ours so much worse every game?

  • Sarah

    Ladies and Gents of Australia, I went into Target today and saw a box behind the counter full of Enigma and Fling Kong Figures, when I asked about them the gentleman there told me he thinks they should be on show on the 28th of may so i know this isn’t 100% confirmed but they have the stock and they should be out soon so start looking

    • Drawdler

      Same here, I’ll have to make an article about it. I actually found them on my birthday and I was really annoyed I couldn’t buy them, lol. Did get the last three Traps though.

    • Drawdler

      Same, actually found them on my birthday and was annoyed I couldn’t buy them :p Did get the last traps though

  • Sarah

    Alright guys I can now confirm due to today’s catalogue that on the 28th Target Australia will release Enigma, Echo, Flipwreck, Rocky roll and Fling Kong

    • Matthew Inwards

      I purchased Echo, Flipwreck, Rocky roll and Fling Kong today from my local Kmart on the South Coast NSW. They had a few new release Traps as well :-)

      • Loz

        Thanks Matthew, I just went to Kmart in Sydney and they had them there!