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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Skylanders Collection Rank Interactive Windows Application

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Are you searching for an interactive application to manage your Skylanders collection and count how many Figures, Traps and Magic Items you own? Look no further!

Skylanders Collection Rank is a Windows-only application that lets you pick each Skylanders figure, trap and magic item you own and keep track of how many you have in total. All Skylanders and their different versions are listed in the application, including all the chase variants.

Download Link – 10.33 Mb – Windows only, there are no plans for a mobile version. This application is non-official and fan-made. It contains ressources from Activision. DO NOT claim as yours or attempt to make money out of it.

To learn more about how to use the application, please read the following Help Section.

Help Section

When you start the application, the following menu appears.

Skylanders Collection

Skylanders Collection: Click this to start picking each of the Skylanders you own
Traps Collection: Pick each of the Traps you own
Magic Items: Pick each of the Magic Items and Expansions you own
Rank and Stats: Check your collector rank and how many total toys you own
Create Forum Signature: This is a feature that allows you to display your rank in a forum signature
Settings: Turn on/off Music or Sound Effects, and turn on/off Full Screen mode
Quit Application: Quit the application


Let’s start with the Settings submenu. Here you can turn on or off the music and sound effects. You can also activate or deactivate Full Screen mode. Finally, you have the possibility to completely reset your Collection.

Skylanders Collection


When you click Skylanders Collection, you will reach this submenu which is divided in multiple sections for each Element. To scroll up or down, use the arrow keys on the keyboard or the mouse wheel. To switch to a different Element section, use the arrow keys on the keyboard or click on the arrows at the top of the screen.

Skylanders Collection

In this submenu, all versions of all Skylanders are listed. This include rare chase variants from the first game up to Trap Team. The color on the left side of the Skylanders indicates the color of the toy base. The number on the right side indicates the number of stars you get when clicking the figure. The purpose of stars will be explained later. Most regular Skylanders are worth 1 star, in-game variants are worth 2 stars and rare chase variants are worth 3 stars. Be sure to click Save and back to Main Menu when you are done.

If new chase variants are released in the future and they are not listed in the application, there are extra slots for them in the Light/Dark section.

Skylanders CollectionSkylanders Collection

The Traps and Magic Items submenus works the same way as the Skylanders Collection submenu. Be sure to scroll down in the Traps menu for the traps containing variants of Villains.


Skylanders Collection

The Rank and Stats submenu is where you see how many total figures you own for each game and globally. Here’s a breakdown of how each stats are calculated:

Skylanders: Total Skylanders that are not special/chase variants characters. Double Trouble 1.5 and the green or orange-based Minis (Sidekicks) are not included in this number.
SSA (Spyro’s Adventure): The number of Skylanders you own from the first game (32 Skylanders + 1 Dark Spyro + 4 Legendary)
Giants: The number of Skylanders you own from the second game (16 + 24 Reposed + 8 Lightcore + 6 Legendary + 8 Alt Deco)
Swap Force: The number of Skylanders you own from the third game (32 + 16 Reposed + 8 Lightcore + 4 Legendaries + 15 Alt Deco)
Trap Team: The number of Skylanders you own from the fourth game (36 + 16 Minis + 5 Reposed + 4 Legendary + 8 Eon’s Elite + 11 Alt Deco)
Variants: This is the number of Alt Deco (characters that have a different color in game) + the number of Legendary regardless of which game they come from.
Lightcore: Total number of Lightcore regardless of which game they come from. Legendary Chill, Legendary Grim Creeper and Enchanted Star Strike not included.
Special-Rare: Total number of chase variant/treasure hunt Skylanders that have the “Special” or “Rare” mention in game. This also includes the rare figure from Spyro’s Adventure that sadly don’t register as “Special” in the games.
Total Figures: Total number of unique toys. This includes all kind of characters such as the chase variants, Minis and Sidekicks, and Double Trouble 1.5.

This menu also displays your rank, which is a fun addition to compare your collector level with other collectors and friends. The number of stars you have from collecting figures, traps and items determines your rank.


Skylanders CollectionFinally, the remaining submenu is Create Forum Signature. If you are a member of a forum, such as the Ghostroaster Community, you can visually display your rank and favorites Skylanders/Villains in your forum signature. This feature does not work on the darkSpyro forums since you cannot display images in your signature there.


We hope you enjoy this application and find it useful. If you have any comment or suggestion about it, or you find something that does not work properly, please let us know in the comments section!

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    Has this been updated to include Superchargers? Thanks.

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