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Thursday, 04 Jun 2015

Skylanders SuperChargers Officially Revealed!

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It’s official; the 5th annual release of the Skylanders franchise is called SuperChargers and its new innovation is Vehicles! We shall embark on an epic adventure over land, under sea, and through the skies to stop Kaos and save Skylands once again.

skylanders superchargers

Official Skylanders SuperChargers “Buckle Up” Reveal Trailer:


Starter Pack:

skylanders superchargers

  • Video game
  • New Portal of Power
  • 2 Skylanders Superchargers characters: Spitfire and Super Shot Stealth Elf
  • 1 Vehicle: Hot Streak
  • 1 Collection Poster

Additional details:

  • Release dates: September 20th in North America, September 24th in Australia, September 25th in Europe.
  • Platforms availability: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3, PS4, Wii U, iPad. A different version of the game will also be available on Wii and 3DS.
  • Developper: Vicarious Visions, the team behind Swap Force, are working on the main version of the game while Beenox are working on the Wii/3DS versions.
  • 20 new Superchargers Skylanders, 20 new Vehicles.
  • A part of the new character roster are re-imagined famed characters from previous games such as Stealth Elf, Trigger Happy and Terrafin. The new iteration of these characters seems to have a new moveset and are more than just a Series 3 or Series 4 version that only has one additional ability.
  • 3 different Vehicle types: Land, Sea, Sky
  • Vehicles can be used by any Skylander.
  • Vehicles appearance can be modified in game with different parts to boost their performance.
  • All Skylander toys introduced since the first game are compatible, all characters can be played.
  • About half of the game is played traditionally on-foot like in previous installments and the other half are Vehicles sections and races.
  • Challenge your friends in combat races.
  • New Online mode! More details announced later.
  • Villains from Trap Team are not playable, but Trap toys unlock bonuses for Vehicles and Skystones cards. The new Portal of Power has a slot for Traps, but it does not have a speaker like the Traptanium Portal.
  • A Digital Portal Owner’s Pack Version will be available. You can complete the game using preloaded digital “Instant” versions of Spitfire and Hot Streak without the need to buy a new Portal or physical toys.

Tell us your impressions of what has been revealed so far about Skylanders Superchargers, and enjoy these screenshots!

skylanders superchargers

skylanders superchargers

skylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargersskylanders superchargers skylanders superchargers skylanders superchargers

Thoughts on Skylanders: Superchargers?

  • Grim Creeper

    I have been collecting since the start of this games original release, and to date I don’t know of an Australian with a collection as large as mine. I have poured thousands into owning multiples of every figure including variants, metallics, clears, glow in the darks and anything else I can find.
    I think activision has finally done it. This is the straw that has broke the camels back. stealth elf and trigger happy looks terrible, no cores, wasted trap potential, and a 50/50 split between on foot and vehicles. I just can’t say I like skylanders anymore. Each year since giants my love for the game has diminished, but I always hoped it would get better. No more.

  • Grim Creeper

    New skylander named Dive-clops.

  • Sazamasaz

    Did you guys see that Nintendo is bringing 2 Amiibo characters to Skylanders? It’s believed they will be in starter packs for the nintendo consoles

  • Sazamasaz

    Guys we also have dark editions on the way which surprises no one really, they include a kaos trophy which unlocks extra content seems to be on all consoles i think and also there will be a dark hammer slam bowser this was on the skylanders facebook page