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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Astro Blast, Smash-It, Thrillepede and more Skylanders Leaked
Friday, 10 Jul 2015

Astro Blast, Smash-It, Thrillepede and more Skylanders Leaked

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A whole bunch of yet-to-be-revealed Skylanders: Superchargers characters have been revealed today, including never before seen characters such as Astro Blast, Thrillepede, Big Bubble Pop-Fizz and many more.

Instagram user Ziotec managed to snap a few photos of Skylanders: Superchargers packaging which in turn has given the Skylanders community a first-hand look at figures, vehicles, and even Racing Packs.




The images from ziotec’s instagram can be found below. Although the quality isn’t the greatest, these images reveal just about all the character line-up for Superchargers.

Racing Packs are the newly introduced packaging similar to the previously available Adventure Packs. Included in each pack is a character figure, its corresponding vehicle, as well as a Magic Item. In the image below, it shows a Sea Trophy, although whether all Racing Packs includes trophies is yet to be seen.


Thanks to the quick fingers over at Myskylanders, he was able to snap up a listing for a new character named Smash-It at an online retailer. Although no details are revealed besides the name, if you fill in the missing gaps, Smash-It will most likely be the new Earth element Skylander.


You can check out a full list of all the Skylanders: Superchargers characters, vehicles, items and variants revealed to date over at our newly created Skylanders: Superchargers list.

What do you think of today’s leak, and which character is your favourite?

Pop a comment down below or continue the discussion over at the Ghostroaster forum. Until next time, happy hunting!