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Home » Skylanders: Trap Team » Gnarly Barkley Available July 17th at Target in Australia
Monday, 13 Jul 2015

Gnarly Barkley Available July 17th at Target in Australia

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Gnarly Barkley will be available at Target in Australia, starting from July 17th this week.


The colour variant Skylanders Mini is an exclusive to Target in Australia and will feature as part of Target’s annual Toy Sale. The toy sale kicks off online on July 17th if you want to purchase Gnarly Barkley via the internet, but if you’re content to wait and go in-store, you’ll find him on store shelves starting from July 22nd.

Target Toy Sale 2015

Unfortunately you won’t be able to access the catalogue early unless you’ve already signed up to Target Australia’s newsletter, however it will be available for you to take a look starting from tomorrow.

Gnarly Barkley will be priced at AU$9, and going by previous colour variants there should be plenty of him available in-store even if you wait until July 22nd.

Australia is lagging behind with this particular release so if you haven’t already imported Gnarly Barkley from overseas at a reasonable price, here’s your chance to nab him far more easily. Are you excited to add Gnarly Barkley to your collection?

Share your thoughts and comments below, or join the discussion at the Ghostroaster forum. Until next time, Happy Hunting!

Thanks Ree for sharing!

  • Ree

    I found Gnarly Barkley in store today, his cost is $10 before the instore sale starts.

  • Kusogod

    Got it from target today, purchased it for $9.