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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Frightful Fiesta Variant Revealed
Friday, 14 Aug 2015

Frightful Fiesta Variant Revealed

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Frightful Fiesta, a new Skylanders: Superchargers colour variant is now available for pre-order through EB Games in Canada.

Fiesta was already a creepy looking undead Skylander, but now he’s even more, dare I say, frightful with his new colours.

Going with a silver and black tone outfit, plus an orange and yellow body tone, Frightful Fiesta really suits a Halloween theme more than ever. His head looks kind of like a Jack-o-Lantern, while the outfit is kind of like a skeleton costume.

Frightful Fiesta Figure

He’s currently available for pre-order online here, or in-store at EB Games Canada, priced at $15.99.

Frightful Fiesta has a release date set to December 31st, 2015 but I wouldn’t be surprised if this date is purely a placeholder release date. I’d tentatively put him more towards October 31st, 2015 to coincide with Halloween.

We know Activision have released quite a few Halloween variants in the past and Frightful Fiesta certainly would fit in nicely.

Let us know in the comments below if you find other retailers selling Frightful Fiesta, and what you think of the new colour design.

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  • Ree

    frightful fiesta coming to Australia 6th october EB $17.95

  • ToyZebra

    He’s in Toys R Us (U.S.) now.