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Home » Skylanders Battlecast » Skylanders Battlecast Card Game Coming to Mobile Devices
Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015

Skylanders Battlecast Card Game Coming to Mobile Devices

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Activision will be releasing a new mobile card battle game, Skylanders Battlecast.


Skylanders Battlecast will incorporate a similar toys-to-life approach, except it will be bringing cards to life instead. It’ll be a free-to-play mobile adventure game, set within the Skylanders Universe.

Combining collectibility with strategic card battle, players can take on other players in an online PvP environment, or enjoy a single-player solo campaign.


In Skylanders Battlecast, you’ll need to create a team of your favourite Skylanders heroes to build the ultimate deck for battle.

Fans will be able to purchase physical card packs at retail stores, as well as digital card packs in-game. You can then scan the physical cards with your mobile device and bring them to life in Skylanders Battlecast.


You’ll also be able to scan two character cards together to create an animated duel which Activision says “players can physically interact with the characters.” What that means exactly is still not clear at this stage.

Skylanders Battlecast is due for release in 2016, with no firm release date at this stage. It will be available via the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore when it launches.

Watch an official trailer for Skylanders Battlecast below:

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