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Friday, 14 Aug 2015

Skylanders Superchargers Wave 1 Retail Packshot

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As Gamescom comes and goes for another year, new details have emerged with Activision releasing some new retail packshot images of some of the Skylanders Superchargers wave 1 characters and vehicles.

Wave 1 characters will include Dive-Clops, Fiesta, Shark Shooter Terrafin and Stormblade while the available vehicles will be Dive Bomber, Sea Shadow, Sky Slicer and Crypt Crusher.

Don’t forget about the Nintendo cross-over characters and Starter Pack characters as well, however some of those aren’t confirmed as being available in single pack form at this stage.

Take a look below at the images below:


DiveClops Retail Package


Fiesta Retail Package

Shark Shooter Terrafin

Shark Shooter Terrafin Retail Package


Stormblade Retail Package

Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber Retail Package

Sea Shadow

Sea Shadow Retail Package

Sky Slicer

Sky Slicer Retail Package

Crypt Crusher

Crypt Crusher Retail Package

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