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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Smash It, High Volt & Nightfall Figures and Packshot
Friday, 14 Aug 2015

Smash It, High Volt & Nightfall Figures and Packshot

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Smash It, High Volt & Nightfall – the elusive new Skylanders from Skylanders: Superchargers now have packshots and figure images to match.

Some of these little characters have been hard for eager Skylanders fan to find good quality images of, but thanks to Amazon recently listing them online, we can all now get a closer look at the last few known Skylanders.

Starting off with Smash It, who appears to be some kind of furry animal with a rather large spiked wrecking ball attached to a chain.

Smash It wears an orange harness with an eye-patch over one of his green eyes. In honesty, he kind of reminds me of Buck from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Smash It’s catchphase is “Let’s Rock!”.

Smash-It Figure

Smash-It Retail Pack

We’re previously seen blurry and zoomed in images of High Volt in the past, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a nice good look at his figure and character art.

High Volt resembles a knight crossed with a Space Marine given his bulky shoulders. He’s mostly a royal blue and silver colour, with a large shield in one hand and a javelin in the other. High Volt’s catchphase is “To Protect and Surge!”

High Volt Figure

High Volt Retail Pack

Lastly is Nightfall. Her figure image was revealed a couple of weeks back, and some have loved her while others not so much.

With two sickle-shaped hooks on each gauntlet, flowing black hair and a psuedo-gas mask, Nightfall is one of the more villianous looking Skylanders to date.

Nightfall Figure

Nightfall Retail Pack

What do think of Smash It, High Volt & Nightfall? Who’s your favourite of the three? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on the Ghostroaster forum. Until next time, Happy Hunting!