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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Steel Plated Smash It for Pre-order at Best Buy
Friday, 14 Aug 2015

Steel Plated Smash It for Pre-order at Best Buy

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Steel Plated Smash It has been listed for pre-order at Best Buy.

Today’s been a wild day for Skylanders: Superchargers variant with a new one appearing at US retailer Best Buy.

Steel Plated Smash It Figure

Steel Plated Smash It Retail Package

This is the first time we’ve seen Activision use a Steel Plated colour design, with Smash It getting a chrome and metallic green finish. Bit odd that the packshot features a more brighter green colour, while the figure image shows a more olive green complexion.

I’d say Steel Plated Smash It will be the darker tone colour given the pack art shows a more deeper shade. I’m guessing the bright coloured green in the packshot is a mistake.

You can pre-order Steel Plated Smash It online here or in-store, priced at US$12.99. Steel Plated Smash It is set to launch on September 20th, 2015.

No details available at this stage on a local Australian release, or any other country for that matter but rest assured he’ll probably be available at some stage at a store near you.

Will you be purchasing a Steel Plated Smash It?

Share your thoughts below or at the Ghostroaster forum. Until next time, Happy Hunting!

  • Sazamasaz

    hey guys just letting you know i picked up this guy (steel plated smash hit) from Kmart in Australia today there weren’t many of him so rush in if you want it