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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Skylanders Superchargers Australian Wave 1 Buyer’s Guide
Thursday, 24 Sep 2015

Skylanders Superchargers Australian Wave 1 Buyer’s Guide

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With Skylanders: Superchargers launching across Australia late yesterday, Ghostroaster has you covered with a list of where to find all your Skylanders needs at the best prices across the country.

Starting with the cheapest options, your best go-to store for local purchases are Big W and Target for Starter Packs, Drivers, Vehicles, and everything else.

The only major differences being the exclusive Nitro Stealth Stinger and Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac specific to Target and Big W respectively.

Target and Big W both have regular Superchargers Starter Packs priced at $64, an absolute bargain compared with some of the other retail stores.

This price will only be applicable for the first week of release so best to snap it up now before prices jump up again. Both stores are also selling the Skylanders, Vehicles, Combo Packs and Racing Packs at fairly good prices as well, with prices differing by a few dollars.

Check the catalog images below for more details.


Target Skylanders Superchargers

  • Starter Pack – AU$64
  • Drivers – AU$14
  • Vehicles – AU$16
  • Combo Packs – AU$30
  • Sea Racing Pack – AU$30
  • Nitro Stealth Stinger – AU$20

Big W

Big W Skylanders Superchargers

Big W Skylanders Superchargers 2

  • Starter Pack – AU$64
  • Drivers – AU$14
  • Vehicles – AU$15
  • Combo Packs – AU$25
  • Sea Racing Pack – AU$30
  • Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac – AU$17

Big W has a great price on Supercharged Combo Packs, a clear $5 saving ahead of its competitors if you’re after a Skylander and Vehicle duo at a reduced price.

EB Games

Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition Starter Pack

EB Games has a decent selection of Wave 1 offering, both in-store and online. Prices tend to be more expensive here, however you can price-match against Target and Big W for better value.

Although significantly more expensive than a standard starter pack, EB Games is the only retailer in Australia selling the Skylanders: Superchargers Dark Edition Starter Pack so unfortunately you won’t be able to price match it anywhere else. It’ll also be the only store you can get your hands on the dark versions of Bowser and Donkey Kong.

You can take a look at their full range of Skylanders: Superchargers offering here.

  • Dark Edition Starter Pack – AU$119.95
  • Starter Pack – AU$99.95
  • Drivers – AU$17.95
  • Vehicles – AU$19.95
  • Combo Packs – AU$29.95
  • Sea Racing Pack – AU$29.95


K Mart Skylanders Superchargers Page 1

K Mart Skylanders Superchargers Page 2

With Skylanders: Superchargers launch, now is a good time to snap up some older Skylanders from the Trap Team range. K-Mart are currently clearing out Trap Masters for $5 each in-store, however the range will be limited and while stocks last. Their catalog lists the Superchargers Starter packs for $89.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi currently have Skylanders: Superchargers Starter Packs priced at AU$79, but you can price-match it to Big W or Target if you don’t have a store near you. They should have plenty of stock available for the next few days, so now would be a great time to match with them.

Unfortunately JB Hi-Fi don’t currently have Drivers, Vehicles, Combo Packs or Sea Racing Packs listed online so you’ll have to try your luck in-store.

That pretty much rounds out all the current prices for Skylanders: Superchargers across Australia. If you find any good bargains, share them down below in the comments or via the Ghostroaster forum.

Until next time, Happy Hunting! :)

  • Serpens

    It’s worth noting that, although the prices in the catalogs don’t match (Big W is cheaper on the Combo Packs by $5 and the vehicles by $1), Target will/are price matching anyway, so they’re essentially the same price as both places. My local mall has a Target and a Big W, so the Target just sells everything at the same price as the Big W without anyone even having to ask (they just put “sale” tags on the items on the shelves). If Target is more convenient for you, and they haven’t automatically price-matched, it definitely won’t hurt to ask, especially if you have the Big W catalog with you to show them!

    • Thanks for the details Serpens! :) I did hear that competition is quite fierce at the moment and it seems Target is aiming for the lowest prices possible. Great for consumers though. 😀

      • Serpens

        I checked Kmart today as well. and it looks like they are also automatically price matching to the same prices as Big W/Target! JB Hifi and EB Games are usually the odd ones out (more expensive). I know JB Hifi to price match on *some* things, but you have to ask and usually have proof, I’ve never tried it there for Skylander things though. No idea about EB Games, I think they just bank on being the only place to get Dark versions.

        • Sazamasaz

          EB will price match i buy everything from them and price match big w all the time. The dark edition wont get any cheaper though

  • Hawksey

    I have a $40 JB voucher, what are the prices?

    • Hi Hawksey,

      Not too sure at the moment as when I checked online, it didn’t have prices and I’ve yet to walk into a JB Hi-Fi myself. Perhaps someone that has been might be able to help out?

      • Hawksey

        So I got their catalogue, $17 for Skylanders, $19 for Vehicles. Nothing on price matching but I am bringing a catalogue in case.

  • Sazamasaz

    Ah the mad price rush always good at the start, Big W and Target always charge full price for any exclusives. Any word on the life and air mini packs for target Australia? Did i miss them or are they just not doing that?

    • kusogod

      according to my friends, they mentioned that target probably will release air and life mini pack on this thursday, have a look.

      • Sazamasaz

        thanks i have been waiting a long time for these, how did they find that out?

  • Sazamasaz

    guys big w is getting the halloween fright fiesta, also there is a new legendary sky racing pack featuring legendary astro blast its in their latest catalogue starting on thursday the 15

  • Ree

    Three Big W stores in my area have posted a sign stating legendary sky racing pack will not be available for purchase, staff couldn’t explain why. Target didn’t have the last mini packs.

    • kusogod

      Same situation in my region, the stuff said there is no new stuff in their release catalog. Target didn’t release the last two mini pack as well. so said. I am afraid maybe it will never release in au? if it is true, that really sucks…

      • Sazamasaz

        One of my bigw stores has the pack and the other one doesn’t I’d keep looking they might get them soon or maybe there’s one further out

  • Ree

    I found one Big w store selling the legendary sky racing pack about 45 minutes from where i live, the stores in my area still refuse to sell it.

  • kusogod

    Hi guys, I saw the bigw in my area today start to release the legendary sky racing pack ($39), any two new figures $14 and two new vehicle $15. Have a check in your area. I hopes this news is helpful to you.