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Home » Skylanders: Superchargers » Skylanders Superchargers – November Patch 1.4
Saturday, 21 Nov 2015

Skylanders Superchargers – November Patch 1.4

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The latest update, patch 1.4, was released this week for Skylanders Superchargers and it introduces some interesting new features in addition to a bit of bug fixing. The patch info says:

  • Entry point to Elemental Vehicle Zones added to several levels
  • Enhanced player rewards for completing Elemental Vehicle Zones
  • Enhanced player rewards for completing SuperCharged Challenges
  • Bug fixes

I was curious so I installed the patch as soon as I learned about it. Here’s some info I gathered on the new features:

Grizzo now appears at the entrance of the Skylander Academy beside the bounce pad that brings the Skylander to the Elemental gate. You can change the element of the Elemental Vehicle zone on the ship.



There’s a magical cabinet near the entrance of the Elemental Vehicle Zone in the Academy with Element symbols on it. The symbols light up when an Elemental Vehicle Zone is completed for the first time and the cabinet can be opened for a random reward along with experience orbs that level up your Skylanders. Completing more zones gives more orbs than the previous time. After all rewards have been awarded, the cabinet changes form and gives a small reward one time per day when you visit it.



Elemental Vehicle Gates have been added to several Story levels. They lead to the same Elemental zones found in the Academy though. I think placing the gates in levels is a way to encourage customers to buy more Vehicles, and also to raise more awareness about the Elemental Vehicles Zones. You are brought back to the chapter from which you entered the zone after completing it.

I went on a mission to find the location of all the Gates in levels. Beside the Fire gate which I believe is exclusive to the Academy, I managed to find all of them. Here’s their locations:

WATER GATE – The Cloudbreather’s Crag
Chapter 8: Scaling the Road


EARTH GATE – Monstrous Isles
Chapter 37 – Titanopolis, on the right after the Beachcomber battle


LIFE GATE – Gadfly Glades
Chapter 26 – Fungi Funhouse


AIR GATE – The Cloud Kingdom
Chapter 14 – Clear Skies Ahead, on the right before fighting Stratosfear


TECH GATE – Cap’n Cluck’s Chicken HQ
Chapter 30 – Running Afowl


MAGIC GATE – Vault of the Ancients
Chapter 43 – Slumbering Spires, near Persephone on the left


UNDEAD GATE – Land of the Undead
Chapter 18 – Eon’s Escape, on the right before the Sea Star zone


LIGHT GATE – The Sky Eater
Chapter 49 – Darkest Goo, walk toward the camera


DARK GATE – The Cloud Kingdom
Chapter 12 – All Roads Lead to Ruin



Another addition with patch 1.4 is a chest beside Operative 11 3/5 that gives rewards when you reach certain amount of collected stars with Supercharged Challenges. It works the same way as Grizzo’s cabinet: you receive more and more experience orbs when you reach higher amounts of stars.



I hope this article will be useful for you. What do you think of the new features with patch 1.4?