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Sunday, 21 Feb 2016

About Ghostroaster.com inactivity these last few months

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Hi Ghostroaster readers. I wanted to write this article as an update to what’s going on with the website and its authors.

As you may have noticed, we haven’t been posting any news on the main site in the last few months and even before that, there haven’t been a lot of articles being published. The reason is not that we are letting the website die or anything, it is mostly either a lack of time, motivation and/or enthusiasm toward the Skylanders franchise at this point. I’ll try to be accurate with what I know:

Ghostroaster, the administrator of the Ghostroaster website and forum, is simply a busy man with a family to take care and he doesn’t have a lot of free time to update the website and interact with other members of the community.

Drawdler, a fellow author here and moderator on the Ghostroaster forum will be taking some time off the Skylanders community as she wants to spend her free time playing other games, focusing on other projects and sorting out some personal issues in her life.

As for me, I still visit the Ghostroaster forum daily although I don’t post a lot. I haven’t had much motivation to write articles about Superchargers and Skylanders in general these last few months. When it comes to Skylanders, I’ve been mostly busy with a Youtube channel I created earlier this year, Legends of Skylands (sorry for the shameless advertising). Otherwise, I have other non-Skylanders related projects that I consider more important. I still plan on writing a few articles here in the upcoming weeks and months, I have a few ideas in mind. I will not be posting new articles here after this one.

  • James Saythavy

    No worries about not posting much lately :)

  • Sazamasaz

    Did we all see the new game? Skylanders Imaginators. Once again EB has dark edition packs how many new figurines do we think there will be since you create your own skylanders?