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Home » Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers)

Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers)

Big Bubble Pop Fizz – The Motion of the Potion!

Skylanders Big Bubble Pop Fizz Key ArtSkylanders Big Bubble Pop Fizz Figure

Element: MagicMagic Element

Series: Skylanders: Superchargers

About Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers)

Pop Fizz is widely known as being a little crazy. The Skylander who puts the mad into mad scientist, he is bubbling over with crazy amounts of enthusiam. And that’s before he’s glugged from his bonkers beast beaker!

According to Pop Fizz, the reason he keeps drinking his potion, or soda, is that the effects keeps him on edge, gives him powers, and that it is “soda-licious.” He is also one of the few characters who fully understands Double Trouble’s language.

Character Description

Big Bubble Pop Fizz is the SuperChargers counterpart of Pop Fizz in Skylanders: SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Soda Skimmer. He has a birthday counterpart called Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz.

Attack Powers

  • Primary Attack: Bubble Blast
  • Secondary Attack: Bubbling Beast Form
  • Upgrades: Mixture Modifier, Larger Lungs, Better Beast

Console Stats (Min. & Max Values)

  • Health: 300 (max. 600)
  • Speed: 43 (max. 91)
  • Armor: 24 (max. 54)
  • Critical Hit: 4 (max. 54)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 75)

Power Stats

  • Strength: 210
  • Defense: 145
  • Agility: 165
  • Luck: 280


Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers) Packaging

Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers) is available as a single pack. His signature vehicle from Skylanders: Superchargers is the Soda Skimmer.

He is also available as a dual combo pack, bundled together with Soda Skimmer.

Skylanders Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Superchargers) PackagingSkylanders Soda Skimmer Vehicle

Battle Cries

  • “The Motion of the Potion!”
  • “Bubble up!”
  • “Potion power!
  • “You got popped!”
  • “Let’s make some bubbles!”
  • “Hey!”
  • “Stay outta my way!”
  • “Now that’s strong!” – when checking stats

Additional Information

  • Species: Gremlin
  • English Voice Actor: Bobcat Goldthwait

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