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Home » Dino-Rang (Series 1)

Dino-Rang (Series 1)

Dino-Rang (Series 1) – Come ‘Rang Or Shine!

960 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Dino-Rang Key ArtSkylanders Spyro's Adventure Dino Rang Figure

Element: EarthEarth Element

Series: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

About Dino-Rang (Series 1)

Unlike most unruly dinosaurs, Dino-Rang has a calm and collected demeanor. However, if anyone calls him a dragon by mistake, Dino-Rang will lose his cool, resulting in a furious display of whirling boomerangs.

A huge flying machine was catching Bash’s dragon friends in massive nets. Fired up with fury, he curled up and chased it to the very edge of his floating island. There, Bash launched himself like a bouncing bomb and busted through the side of the airship, creating a colossal hole for his friends to escape through. Having witnessed the entire event through his portal, Master Eon was blown away by Bash’s courage and loyalty and made him a Skylander on the spot.

Character Description

For years, Dino-Rang trained to use the weapons of his tribe – earthen boomerangs. His people were skilled hunters in a world far away from the realm of Skylands. As he slept one night, a freak portal suddenly opened beneath him. Unsure of how… or why… he arrived in Skylands, Dino-Rang set out to explore the world that was suddenly his new home. Eventually becoming a Skylander, he now fights with his own brand of dino-justice, while seeking out the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs, which he believes could hold the clues to his greater destiny.

Attack Powers

  • Primary Attack: Stone Boomerangs
  • Secondary Attack: Boomerang Shield
  • Upgrades: Stonefist Traps, Dervish Shield, Volcanic Glass Boomerangs

Console Stats (Min. & Max Values)

  • Health: 300 (max. 600)
  • Speed: 43 (max. 91)
  • Armor: 30 (max. 60+40)
  • Critical Hit: 20 (max. 80)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Power Stats

  • Strength: 45
  • Defense: 40
  • Agility: 80
  • Luck: 85


Dino-Rang (Series 1) Packaging

Dino-Rang (series 1) is available in a single pack and triple pack (Zap, Hex, Dino-Rang), as part of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure release.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Dino-Rang Single PackSkylanders Zap Hex Dino-Rang Triple Pack

Battle Cries

  • “Come ‘Rang or Shine!”
  • “Nothin like a good beat down!”
  • “That’s right!”
  • “Another one bites the ‘rang!”
  • “No worries!”
  • “Maybe next time, eh buddy?”
  • “Boom!”
  • “Bong!”
  • “Alright!” – opening a gate
  • “Here I go!” – opeing a gate
  • “Nice place for a walkabout”. – in an elemental area
  • “Uppyroo!” – using a bouncepad
  • “Doozy!” using a bouncepad
  • “Dino-myte!” – leveling up/upgrade
  • “What a roo!” – leveling up/upgrade
  • “Quite impressive, wouldn’t ya say?” – stats screen
  • “By golly!” – stats screen
  • “Look at me new hat!” – wearing a hat
  • “This’ll keep the sun out of me eyes”. – wearing a hat
  • “Thanks, mate!” – being given a nickname
  • “Good on ya!” – being given a nickname

Additional Information

  • Species: Dinosaur
  • English Voice Actor: Thomas Bromhead
  • He speaks with an Australian accent.

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