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Home » Hoot Loop (Series 1)

Hoot Loop (Series 1)

Hoot Loop – Let’s Ruffle some Feathers!

Skylanders: Swap Force Hoot Loop Key ArtSkylanders Swap Force Hoot Loop Figure

Element: MagicMagic Element

Series: Skylanders: Swap Force

Character Description

Hoot Loop was raised by a guild of magicians in Skylands’ most famous traveling circus. At a young age, he perfected illusions and spells that only the very best of their guild could perform, and even mastered the art of teleportation! Soon enough, he became the star of the show, known far and wide as the Amazing Hoot Loop.

However, one day an army of Greebles disguised as clowns invaded, determined to destroy the popular circus. It was then that Hoot Loop gave a performance that few would ever forget. Using his incredible powers, he fought off the invaders and saved the circus – to the raucous applause of the many spectators – including Master Eon, who presented Hoot Loop with an opportunity to learn some real magic as a member of the Skylanders.


Additional Information

  • Species: Owl

Hoot Loop is a swappable Skylanders character. Below are some in-game screenshots:

Hoot Ranger (Hoot Loop / Free Ranger)

Skylanders: Swap Force Hoot Loop / Free Ranger

Hoot Shift (Hoot Loop / Night Shift)

Skylanders: Swap Force Hoot Loop / Night Shift

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