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Home » Magna Charge (Series 1)

Magna Charge (Series 1)

Magna Charge – Attract to Attack!

Skylanders: Swap Force Magna Charge Key ArtSkylanders Swap Force Magna Charge Figure

Element: TechTech Element

Series: Skylanders: Swap Force

Character Description

Magna Charge came from the great race of Ultron robots, but was mysteriously created with a giant magnet head. This proved problematic, as his peers were all made of metal and were constantly being pulled towards him. As a result, Magna Charge was exiled to a faraway island, where he eventually learned to control his magnetic powers.

After years of training, he returned to his home to demonstrate his abilities, but found everything completely destroyed. In searching for answers, Magna Charge caught the attention of Master Eon, who realised the unique Ultron soldier was a perfect candidate for the Skylanders.


Additional Information

Magna Charge is a swappable Skylanders character. Below are some in-game screenshots:

Magna Charge (in-game)

Skylanders Swap Force Magna Charge Screenshot

Magna Charge (in-game)

Skylanders Swap Force Magna Charge Screenshot

Stink Charge (Stink Bomb / Magna Charge)

Skylanders: Swap Force Stink Bomb / Magna Charge

Rattle Charge (Rattle Shake / Magna Charge)

Skylanders: Swap Force Rattle Shake / Magna Charge

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