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Splat (Series 1)

Splat (Series 1) – The Art of War!

Skylanders Splat (Series 1) Key ArtSkylanders Splat (Series 1) Figure

Element: MagicMagic Element

Series: Skylanders: Superchargers

About Splat (Series 1)

Splat grew up in a typical faun village, which was perfectly manicured and orderly. Every day in school, she and her classmates would recite the same poems, play the same music, and paint the same picture – which was always a portrait of their great ancestor, Fluty Hoofdancer. But this didn’t suit Splat.

The only art she wanted to learn was the art of war! After school, she would sneak off to the river and practice her own free form fighting technique against Chompies and other creatures that were causing trouble. When the elder fauns learned of this, were outraged.

But soon thereafter, a band of Drow attacked the village to steal their valuable art, and while the other fauns cowered in fear, Splat stood her ground. Unleashing her self-taught fighting style, she defended her village and sent the Drow running. Now as a member of the Skylanders, Splat makes quite the impression wherever she goes!

Character Description

Although Splat was in boredom of doing repetitive work at school, she is still a colorful character and admires her various artwork. She also encourages others to break free of their comfort zones and express themselves with paintings. She also knows how to make an excellent impression on her peers.

Attack Powers

  • Primary Attack: Artisan Arts
  • Secondary Attack: Heave Hue!
  • Upgrades: Have an Inkling, Wet Paint, Running Colors

Console Stats (Min. & Max Values)

  • Health: 240 (max. 480)
  • Speed: 43 (max. 91)
  • Armor: 6 (max. 36)
  • Critical Hit: 4 (max. 54)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 75)

Power Stats

  • Strength: 120
  • Defense: 120
  • Agility: 260
  • Luck: 200


Splat (Series 1) Packaging

Splat (Series 1) is available as a single pack. Her corresponding vehicle from Skylanders: Superchargers is the Splatter Splasher.

Skylanders Splat (Series 1) PackagingSkylanders Splatter Splasher Vehicle

Battle Cries

  • “The Art of War!”
  • “Exquisite!”
  • “Don’t worry, it’ll wash out.” – When entering a vehicle
  • “I know how to make an impression!”
  • “Yes!”
  • “Alright!”
  • “Yeah!”
  • “Oh yeah!”
  • “Let’s make some magic!”
  • “Splat attack!” – When exiting a vehicle
  • “Better luck next time!”
  • “Gotcha good!”
  • “Here we go!”
  • “This is surreal!”
  • “Mint condition!”
  • “Fame & fortune!”
  • “Treasure!”
  • “Money!”
  • “A new coat of paint!” – Upon leveling up
  • “Picture perfect!” – When checking stats
  • “How abstract!” – When putting on a hat

Additional Information

  • Species: Faun
  • English Voice Actor: Brittany Snow

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