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Home » Sunburn (Series 1)

Sunburn (Series 1)

Sunburn (Series 1) – Roast ‘N’ Toast!

Skylanders Sunburn (Series 1) Key ArtSkylanders Sunburn (Series 1) Figure

Element: FireFire Element

Series: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

About Sunburn (Series 1)

For years, soothsayers and psychics had predicted the birth of a dragon-phoenix cross. So, when the newly hatched Sunburn was catapulted into the world from his cozy volcanic nest, he became the drag-nix (or phoe-gon?) everyone wanted to meet. Sunburn became a target for every thief, bandit and evil sorcerer who wanted a piece of his powers. Thankfully, being able to both throw flames and teleport was a handy defense.

Still for Sunburn, Skylands was not a safe place. Luckily, Master Eon also noticed his amazing abilities and made him a Skylander. This not only provided Sunburn with protection, but gave him a license to incinerate evil. It also provided plenty of opportunities to play teleporting pranks on his new teammates.

Character Description

Born in the center of an active volcano, Sunburn is part dragon, part phoenix, and 100% fire power. He is very proud of his unique heritage, and is the only dragon and phoenix hybrid known to exist in Skylands. This rare combination makes him a desirable target for dark wizards and bounty hunters that seek to gain power by unlocking the secrets behind Sunburn’s ability to teleport. Joining the Skylanders gave Sunburn a way to help defend the world from evil, but also provided him with protection, as he remains one of the most sought after creatures in Skylands.

Attack Powers

  • Primary Attack: Flamethrower Breath
  • Secondary Attack: Immolation Teleport
  • Upgrades: Blazethrower, Phoenix Dash, Infinite Flame

Console Stats (Min. & Max Values)

  • Health: 280 (max. 560)
  • Speed: 43 (max. 91)
  • Armor: 24 (max. 54)
  • Critical Hit: 30 (max. 80)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Power Stats

  • Strength: 60
  • Defense: 65
  • Agility: 65
  • Luck: 70


Sunburn (Series 1) Packaging

Sunburn is only available in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack which includes Sunburn, Dragon’s Peak, Winged Boots, and Sparx Dragonfly. The Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack is part of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure release.

Battle Cries

  • “Rise and shine!”
  • “Roast-N-Toast!”
  • “I’ll take it all!” – opening a treasure chest in Giants
  • “More treasure!”
  • “You got burned!”
  • “Roasted!”
  • “Feel the flame!”
  • “No problem.”
  • “Gettin’ stronger.” – on stats screen.
  • “Lookin’ good!”
  • “Woah!”- using a bounce pad.
  • “It’s toasty in here…” – in a fire elemental area
  • “Not bad…” – comment on nickname
  • “A name is a name.” – comment on nickname
  • “Okay, let’s go with that.” – being given a hat
  • “That should work.”
  • “Blazin’ through!” – opening a door
  • “Movin’ ahead.”
  • “Heat wave!” – leveling up/getting an upgrade
  • “Fire it up!”

Additional Information

  • Species: Phoenix/Dragon Hybrid
  • English Voice Actor: Troy Baker (2012)
  • In his earlier promotional design, Sunburn looked more reptilian compared to his current bird-like design.
  • Despite having wings, Sunburn doesn’t possess the ability to fly in the game. This may be due to Sunburn having two upgrades that already involve speed, Teleportation and Dashing, and also due to Sunburn having the ability to walk on lava as a shortcut due to being a Fire Skylander. However, he is able to glide in the 3DS version of the game.
  • Despite his Soul Gem Ability being called ‘Flight of the Phoenix’, it does not give Sunburn the ability to fly.
  • If you look closely when you teleport, you will see that Sunburn dissolves into ashes; a reference to the fact that phoenixes can catch fire and be reborn.
  • In Giants, Sunburn is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Brock, and is also known for voicing Espio the Chameleon in the recent Sonic the Hedgehog games, and Jetfire in Transformers: War for Cybertron, and other voiceover works.
  • He and Jet-Vac share a battle cry when opening a treasure chest.

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